How do we meet with the people of Best Travel?

AIRPORT: After collecting your luggage and clearing customs ,if necessary you will exit to the main arrival hall area inside the airport.Then you will meet our personnel holding a name board with your surname written on it,of course we would have already given you through our correspondence the names of our personnel and also their mobile numbers to be sure that you have met the right people,we will also provide our 24 hours operations number if something is not in order.

Why should I prefer to have a tour with a licensed tourist guide?

We understand that visiting Greece sometimes is a lifetime journey that is why we always have in our tours licensed tourist guides members of the association of Greek National Guides which are the only ones allowed to guide inside the archaeological sites or museums.
According to the Greek law which is very strict tour drivers are not allowed to guide inside the archaeological sites or museums and tourist guides to provide chauffeur services.

What is the best time to start a tour?

From our experience we highly recommend to start always your tours early,no later than 08:00 a.m.,to avoid the big tour buses and also to avoid the heat during summer time.

What is the price of a tour?

The price of the tour depends from the vehicle and the tour you will choose.The number of persons is irrelevant.

Do prices include taxes etc.?

Our prices include taxes,insurance,fuel,tolls and parking fees.Our prices do not include admission fees for archaeological sites or museums and lunch.

Do prices include taxes etc.?

First of all gratuities are optional in Greece but is very common as a gesture of appreciation for excellent provided services.Usually is between 10%-20%.
Also in our prices gratuities are not included.